Review of: Crazy Stupid Love.

30 Jul

View a scene from Crazy Stupid Love:

 In Crazy Stupid Love, Cal Weaver (Steve Carell) doesn’t know what hits him. He and his wife, Emily (Julianne Moore), the love of his life, are having a pleasant date night dinner when she blurts out that she wants a divorce.  He’s stunned speechless.  For good measure, she throws in the fact she’s cheated with a coworker. Being the dutiful guy that he is,Cal moves out, rents an apartment and tries to adjust to life as a soon to be divorced man. At a bar where he drowns his sorrows,Cal meets the world class, ladies’ man Jacob (Ryan Gosling) who sets out to transformCal into an older version of himself.

 Credibility is important in filmmaking. The screenwriter has to make the viewer understand why depicted situations would really happen. And writer Dan Fogelman doesn’t get it done. We’re supposed to believe that the young, wealthy, very busy, womanizer Jacob, would approach the middle agedCalsitting at a bar talking himself. Rather than avoid this apparently unstable person, Jacob takesCalunder his wing. Spend hours coaching him on his dressing, conversation and picking up women.  A person like Jacob would be too self-centered to care about a bumbling drunk.

 Throughout this film, Fogelman just wants to get to the punch line and it doesn’t matter that the underlying premise doesn’t make sense.

Crazy Stupid Love, at almost two hours, is too long. We don’t need to seeCal shopping at a Home Depot type facility.

The acting is adequate but Crazy Stupid Love is crazy and sometimes stupid and you won’t love it. It’s Dead on Arrival.  If you want to see a great romantic comedy, see Friends with Benefits, it a far superior movie.

On our cast diversity rating, Crazy, Stupid, Love gets a “C”.  Set inCalifornia,  this movie is relatively non diverse, with only Asian American, Lisa Lapira in a minor supporting role.

 Crazy Stupid Love is 107 minutes PG-13 and for coarse humor, sexual content and language.


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