Final Destination 5

12 Aug

The highly successful Final Destination is back in its fifth edition.  The formula remains the same; a group of young people avoid death by making a last minute move that saves them from a disaster.  In the first edition, they deboard a plane which later crashes. Here in Number 5, several coworkers riding a bus to a corporate retreat escape a horrific bridge collapse. Just like in the previous stories, one of the group members has a premonition that leads a select few to escape certain death.  But the grim reaper doesn’t  like to be cheated and he pursues the escapees with a vengeance.

While I am not fan of horror films, I have always liked the Final Destination series. The writers don’t just kill the characters; they do it in very creative and graphic ways. This version is no different.  In fact, the initial bridge mayhem is so stirring that by comparison the rest of the movie drags a bit.

However, the writers do an excellent job of creating suspense because every piece of machinery or even a boiling pot can be a tool of gruesome destruction and you never know for sure when another one will bite the dust.

The cast is made up of a talented group of relatively unknown performers which is a smart move by the producers because in these types of films the “star” is the screenplay. So there is no need to spend a lot of money on megastars.

As to our Cast Diversity rating, The Final Destination 5 gets an “A” with three black actors in major roles. Courtney Vance plays the federal agent investigating the strange accidents that keep happening to the survivors.  Tony Todd is the creepy coroner who warns the survivors of their inevitable demise. Arlen Escarpeta is Nathan, one of the survivors.

The verdict on The Final Destination 5 is that it gets a See It rating.  The Final Destination series is consistently one of the best of its genre.  Number 5 combines the intense gruesomeness its fans crave while being supported by superior acting and a solid story. And it looks like the series will continue based upon the final scenes of the movie.

It’s 92 minutes and is rated R for its bloody, violent scenes.


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