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Review: What’s Your Number?

29 Sep

Ally Darling (Anna Faris) is in one of the moments of reflection in her life. She’s 30 something. She’s in a friends-with-benefits relationship, while her younger sister is getting married. It’s against this backdrop that she reads an article stating that the average woman has had 10.5 lovers. She’s troubled by the fact that she has had 19. So at a celebratory event with the members of her sister’s wedding party, she asks each of the women to place the number of partners they’ve had in a bowl to be picked out one by one. Anna’s number doubles that of each of the other women. One of them cites a study which says once a woman reaches the number 20 her chances of marriage drop substantially. Supposedly that plateau reflects self esteem issues which prevent those women from forging long term relationships. Ally is determined not to reach 20.

Taking a cue from her sister who is marrying a guy she dated earlier in her life and then rediscovered, Ally decides to track down her former lovers. She enlists the help of her struggling musician neighbor Colin (Chris Evans), to use his skills as the son of a cop to find her ex’s.

As romantic comedies go, “What’s Your Number?” has it moments, but doesn’t really come together and gets a Rent It rating. First, in a romantic comedy there must be a strong chemistry between the stars. Faris and Evans work. No complains about them together. Next, these films by their nature tend to be a bit far fetched but this story just isn’t plausible at all: searching for past boyfriends so that she won’t reach the number 20 which will then make her unlikely to marry.

There’s a scene where Colin and Ally leave her apartment and the films cuts to the Boston Garden where they go to play basketball. Colin explains that he worked there years ago and still had his card key. Never mind the fact the first thing every employer does when employees leave is take their keys. The two of them play a game of strip, HORSE (One person has to make the shot the other has just made.) As Colin misses shots there is no mystery in it for Ally (or for viewers) since he has been nearly naked in almost every scene up to then. (The handiwork of lady screenwriters Gabrielle Allan, Jennifer Crittende?).

Speaking of the screenwriters, they have some creatively amusing lines, like when Ally’s sister explains why she doesn’t want her fiancé to help pick out the wedding announcements because, “He has terrible taste in fonts!” And of course the film has to end with one of those only in Hollywood “racing to find and tell the other person, I love you”, endings.

In our Cast Diversity Rating, “What’s Your Number?” gets a “B”. Black characters are among the wedding party, group scenes and one of the guys on Ally’s list of former beaus is played by Anthony Mackie.

Kudos to Anna Faris, she not only stars in the movie but is Executive Producer.

“What’s Your Number?” is a mildly entertaining production, but overall unexceptional film with a story which is a bit extreme and that means, Rent It.

“What’s Your Number?” is rated “R” for sexual content and language and is 106 minutes in length.